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1300mm x 2500mm CNC Router Machine with 3KW Spindle
  • 1300mm x 2500mm CNC Router Machine with 3KW Spindle

ပုိ၍ျကီးမားေသာပုံႏွင့္အျခားျမင္ကြင္းမ်ားအား ျမင္သည္ ( ခ်ဲ့ ျခင္း ျဖင့္)

1300mm x 2500mm CNC Router Machine with 3KW Spindle


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1300mm x 2500mm CNC Router Machine with 3KW Spindle

CK1325 series has strong function with good performance, easy to use, solid and durable. It is applied extensively in wood, advertising, PVC, acrylic, aluminum plastic plate, etc.
Rail configure with Taiwan LAPPING Linear Rail
Package size 3180*1980*1800mm;Gross Weight :1280KGS
X,Y working area 1300x2500mm,Machine transmitting by rack and gear
Z working area 150mm-200mm
Max. speeding 30m/min
Work-holding Standard with wide and hard aluminum table with high quality clamps
(vacuum system with 7.5KW vacuum pump is optional)
Processor Adopt the most advanced FPGA LCM controlling system
Spindle motor power 3KW water cooling spindle motor
Surroundings for software Windows10/7/XP
Power(spindle is not included) 4000W
Working voltage AC220V/50HZ/60Hz for standard machine,
if optional vacuum system or servo system, it need 380V 3 phase
Main axis rotating speed 0-24000rpm/min
Work Mode Large Stepper motors and drivers ;Servo (Optional)
Control mode Handle control
Engraving tools & collets 3.175mm;6mm;12.7mm;(sending you 10 pcs with the machine ).
2 collets standard with the machine
Software new version type3 software:Router 8
Warranty One year without the tools 
Optional Dust collector; Servo system,Vacuum system


● Traveling speed can be up to 20m/min.
● Configured with professional CNC controlling system.
● Be compatiable with various CAD/CAM software as Type3/Artcam/Casmate/CAXA/Artcut etc.
● Can high support G-code and IJK code.
● Own functions of restoring from power off, continuation from break point, auto feeding blades, repeat engraving, support nine coordinate positioning.
● Standard with Taiwan linear rail to ensure more accuracy 3kw water cooling spindle motor standard.
● Powerfun YAKO drive board with high power inverter to make the machine more stronger.
● Can optional the vacuum system and dust collector system.

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1300mm x 2500mm CNC Router Machine with 3KW Spindle

1300mm x 2500mm CNC Router Machine with 3KW Spindle


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